A school under construction catches on fire

A school under construction catches on fire

Fire can be a scary and destructive force. Many residential fires occur because of the tenant's fault or negligence of fire safety and common sense. A fire in the industrial building or a business office brings a great danger and life-threatening panic to people inside and near the building.

Even scarier is a school on fire. On Wednesday a large fire broke out in the afternoon at a school under construction. Fire Chief Richard Paetzold said the call came in around 2:40 p.m. for a fire on the roof of Pine Ridge Elementary.

A large plume of smoke was coming from the school building while firefighters attacked the fire from overhead in a ladder bucket.

The decision to build the school was made to deal with overcrowding at four other elementary schools in the area, said the superintendent for the Garden Valley School Division.

Construction began in March of 2018 and the school was expected to be complete by September. The superintendent said only construction workers would have been on site at the time of the fire.

As of now, there is no information about how many people were on site at the time of the fire and if anyone got injured or required any medical help.

Last month a fire occurred at Valentine’s Fitness and Weight Loss Centre, please follow the link below for more information:


Unfortunately, fires in Winnipeg happen quite often, in many cases, it caused by the electrical problems, some fires caused by residents, who in many cases were under drug influence at a time of incidents.

Recently there were many fire incidents in Winnipeg, including both commercial property and residential fires. It is always better to be prepared before anything happen because in a critical situation most people can’t think clearly and make bad decisions. But a trained person, someone who has a plan for the emergency like house fire and other, will most likely to remain calm and just follow the protocol, simply follow the instruction step by step.

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