Winnipeg entrepreneur created a skate protective product

Winnipeg entrepreneur created a skate protective product

Winnipeg skate protective invention will help hockey players feel safe.

Dan Palsson, a Winnipeg entrepreneur, came up with his brilliant idea after he took a shot to his goalie mask. He called his invention Helskore Skate Armour.

Pucks can reach speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour and cause great injuries. The armour is made of thermoplastic and helps to distribute the shock of taking a puck to the foot. This does not negate all pain. Hockey players are still going to get hit, and it will still hurt, but they will not have a broken bone.

Players are also encouraged to block shots, which puts them at risk of injury. Palsson’s invention is aimed at reducing that risk.

Palsson explained that over the past 10 or 12 years, shots have become harder because of composite sticks and everything else, so guys can literally break their legs. Currently, his invention is used by about 130 NHL players and none of them has had serious injuries.  

Dan Palsson and his business partner, Matthew Olson, make Helskore Skate Armour at the North Forge laboratory in Winnipeg.  The armour is created individually for each player.

Matthew Olson said that their goal is to prevent injuries that could lead to the end of a player’s career. In any case, injuries are inevitable. However, if they are minor, hockey players will be able to skip a few games and return without any problems.

Helskore Skate Armour is already used by 22 NHL teams and by other professional hockey leagues like the AHL.

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