City of Winnipeg committee wants Millennium Library to show report on security incidents

City of Winnipeg committee wants Millennium Library to show report on security incidents

City of Winnipeg committee is looking for alternatives to new security measures at Millennium Library.

Due to the fact that city inhabitants are extremely dissatisfied with the innovations at the library, the city committee decided to find out whether there are alternatives to bag checking.

On Thursday, the committee unanimously voted to ask library management to elaborate on the number of security incidents which occurred at the library in recent years and which led to the decision to implement a new security system. In addition, it was decided to consider other options that can make this place safer for residents of the city.

Graeme Young, a spokesperson for the advocacy group Millennium for All, explained he is very glad to hear that City of Winnipeg committee will be holding library management accountable because there is now a barrier to enjoying the library. The man believes that it should be free for all and everyone should be welcomed.

Coun. Sherri Rollins (Fort Rouge) asks the library to prepare the report within 60 days. After that, all the security alternatives that have already been used in other city institutions will be discussed.

The main goal of the committee is to increase security in the library. At the same time, it should remain open public space.

Recall that on Tuesday, the Millennium for All staged a protest that attracted about 200 people to the Millennium Library in support of the abolition of security checks. Most city residents believe that they have the right to privacy, and guards should not violate their confidentiality when entering the library.

Ed Cuddy, manager of library services for the City of Winnipeg, announced that he supports the idea to show the report and to disclose all the reasons that led to new security measures at Millennium Library.

Sarah Broad, also a member of Millennium for All, explained that the library’s decisions were first in Canada, although many cities have problems with meth and criminal activities. The woman is confident that the additional workers at the library will improve security better than the security guards.

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