Assiniboine River Walk temporarily closed

Assiniboine River Walk temporarily closed

The City is continually reviewing its flood protection measures, including monitoring river levels and filling sandbags. Other Winnipeg properties may still be at risk for overland flooding due to snowmelt.

The level of the Assiniboine River has increased above the River Walk. The city authorities issued a warning and decided to close the River Walk to pedestrian traffic for safety reasons.

A Communications Officer with the City of Winnipeg, Ken Allen said, that the level of the River Walk is 8.5 feet and the walkway is submerged by rising river levels. Prior to the river rising above the walkway, the City temporarily removes the walkway lighting posts so they won’t be damaged by flowing ice or debris when the water level goes up, this happened about two weeks ago.

When the river level recedes, the walkway will be cleaned, lighting posts will be reinstalled, and then the walkway will be reopened to pedestrians.

Flood water is a hazard to health and extremely dangerous when moving. Flooding can occur at any time of the year and can be due to many causes from heavy rainfall and blocked drains to burst water mains, tidal ingress and burst river banks. Whatever the cause, flood water presents a general hazard to health.

Also, at least 123 properties have been marked as 'at risk' by the City of Winnipeg. Based on municipal`s list, each property is being notified directly. These properties may require dikes and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

People in such areas are recommended to take steps to ensure your backup valves and sump pump drainage systems are functioning properly and that all drainage is directed away from the home. Homeowners are also being reminded to prepare for potential basement flooding and prepare all necessary equipment to deal with water inside the basement, like pumps and hoses.

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