Take Pride Winnipeg is concerned about the litter situation in the city

Take Pride Winnipeg is concerned about the litter situation in the city

Take Pride Winnipeg says that this spring the city looks much worse than last year.

Spring has come to Winnipeg. The snow has melted, and along with the joyful emotions of warm days, all residents of the city are disappointed when they see a considerable amount of litter on the streets of the city.

The local charity which is engaged in cleaning the city has already made its assessment and reported that in 2019 Winnipeg is dirtier than in 2018.

The city centre is the cleanest area, but the West End is completely opposite. The following streets are officially named the dirtiest in the city: Maryland Street from Ellice Avenue to Portage Avenue, Sherbrook Street from Portage Avenue to Cumberland Avenue, and Empress Street from Ellice to Wellington Avenue.

Tom Ethans, Take Pride executive director, believes that the city authorities need to take special measures to maintain the cleanliness of the city. Laws against littering should be applied more often and ensure that people follow them.

He added that he saw people being fined for littering several times. If the city does it on an ongoing basis, the situation will be much better next year.

Winnipeg areas from cleanest to dirtiest, according to Take Pride’s rankings:

Downtown: 2.0

Transcona: 2.09

Fourt Rouge/Fort Garry/Lindenwoods/Waverley Heights: 2.11

Northeast: 2.13

St. Boniface: 2.14

North/Central: 2.14

St. Vital/Southeast: 2.25

West: 2.27

South Fort Garry to St. Norbert: 2.3

Northwest: 2.39

Southwest: 2.42

West End: 2.63

1 represents no litter and 4 means extreme litter.  

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