Nunavut man is still waiting for his home dialysis in Winnipeg

Nunavut man is still waiting for his home dialysis in Winnipeg

Peter Kattuk from Nunavut has been waiting for his home dialysis for more than two months in a Winnipeg hospital.

The man said that he feels hostage to this situation because he does not know when he will have the opportunity to have home dialysis and who will pay for it.

The 68-year-old man was in a financial clash between the two provincial governments. He has been living in uncertainty for several months now and is dreaming of returning home to his family. The problem is that the financial arrangements between these two provinces extend to in-hospital services, but not to home dialysis at the moment.

Kattuk added that he knows several people who came to Winnipeg with the same problem as he, but they are already at home and get their home dialysis. Therefore, he does not understand why there are any difficulties in his case.

He was said that most likely he needs to move to Winnipeg to continue his treatment. Last year, more than 150 patients received free home dialysis training, but now it has become problematic for non-residents of Manitoba.

A home dialysis program costs about $35,000 in the first year and it increases significantly if patients live outside Manitoba.

Kattuk is very worried that he will have to spend the last years of his life away from his family and community. It is unacceptable for him.

Amie Lesyk from the Manitoba Renal Program has not informed yet what decision will be made. However, she believes that the Nunavut government should pay for such patients' dialysis. The woman added that the governments of both provinces are in the process of negotiation in order to come to the right solution.

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