Natural gas prices going up from May 1st

Natural gas prices going up from May 1st

A few months ago, in the worst cold weather, the province’s Public Utilities Board (PUB) announced that natural gas prices would increase from Friday, February 1st.

PUB approved the application of Centra Gas Manitoba Inc. on the rate hike. New tariffs will come up to $0.091 per cubic meter compared to the current $0.083 per cubic meter. The increase of about 2.3 percent or about $16 a year for the average consumer, PUB said.

Natural gas prices are revised quarterly by PUB and next time they will be revised in May of 2019.

The rates are going up about one percent, says the Public Utilities Board. The PUB approved the rate hike after an application from Centra Gas to raise the primary rate.

Customers with a fixed price contract will see no changes, but the rest of Manitoba will see about an $8

Winnipeg city authorities taking care of its citizens in many ways and one of them is controlling the utility rates. The constant raise of household bills will make a negative effect on every Winnipegger, future voters. City council voted Thursday to scrap a planned $60 hike for homeowners this year.

The proposed increase and future hikes are needed to pay for wastewater projects, including the estimated $1.8 billion for upgrades at the North End sewage plant.

Winnipeg mayor and a few members of the council say they can’t raise the rates until they get confirmation from other levels of government on funding support for the upgrades.

So the water rates will stay at the same level as we have now throughout 2019.

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