Winnipeg Air1 helicopter tracks burglar

Winnipeg Air1 helicopter tracks burglar

Car theft is a growing problem in Canada, thankfully in Winnipeg, we have the Air1 helicopter that helps police to track down and find the stolen vehicle fast! A new report from the Canadian Insurance Bureau says that picky car thieves are increasingly targeting Ford trucks and high-end SUVs. At the same time, the total number of car thefts continues to grow throughout the country.

But also, the copter can help and track down other criminals that are fleeing the crime scene even on foot.

On Sunday, April 28th, approximately at 2 a.m., Winnipeg police responded to a tripped alarm at the school. Police arrived and searched the exterior area while AIR1 monitored the surrounding streets. The helicopter spotted a man walking away from the area and tracked him from the sky until ground units were alerted to his location.

The suspect immediately started to run, but police caught up with him fairly quickly and he was taken into custody near Consol Avenue and London Street.

A 20-year-old Everette Cecil Redhead has been arrested and charged with breaking and entering and theft. A search of the suspect revealed a trove of items taken from the school.

The investigation still continues, detectives are checking Everette for a possible connection with other similar break-ins in the city.

The use of Air 1 was quite successful in Winnipeg, no problems were detected. It helped the police to find stolen vehicles and follow the high-speed chases multiple times. A car theft crime is on the rise in Winnipeg. Unfortunately, almost every day a vehicle gets reported stolen, most of them are located later by police on the streets, driven by impaired criminals. Many of such crimes involve youth, they just do it for fun or without thinking, while on meth or under other drugs influence.