Pembina and Confusion Corner power outage

Pembina and Confusion Corner power outage

What can be worse than downtown traffic with all the cars and traffic lights, well… try downtown with all the electricity down?

The representative of Manitoba Hydro said that extra crews are working to try to restore service to customers in south-central Manitoba. Saturday morning, May 4th a power outage is affecting a large area in Winnipeg.

Manitoba Hydro says nearly 200 customers are currently without power along Pembina Highway from Taylor Ave. up to Confusion Corner.

Traffic lights are out at many intersections including Confusion Corner. Police are on scene at that intersection directing traffic. The Winnipeg Police Service has asked drivers to slow down in the area. They also remind drivers that intersections without lights working should be treated as all-way stops.

As of now, there is no information or an official statement from the city authorities about what happened and what caused the outage in the downtown area.

If the power is out in your neighbourhood, you can visit a link and report it, so the crews will be dispatched to fix the outage:

Fellow Winnipeggers, please be careful while driving, please don’t text and drive, keep our roads safe and easy to drive, be patient with each other and follow the rules and regulations, it is implemented for a reason, to make it safer to drive around.