Ness Middle School closed due to sewer back-up

Ness Middle School closed due to sewer back-up

City crews are actively working to eliminate potholes on the road and cleaning sewers after the winter. Now, they are concentrating on the main streets of the city and on the streets with the most popular bus routes.

Spring thaws increase the risk of flooding basements and sewers gets clogged. Therefore, the city strongly recommends city inhabitants to take appropriate measures to protect their houses.

But commercial properties and municipal buildings are also in danger.

Parents were notified Monday that Ness Middle School had to be closed down and parents needed to pick up their children. The school had to close for one day due to a sewer back up and subsequent lack of water.

School board representative notified parents, that they plan to resume all classes Tuesday morning and will only contact them in the event that school is closed.

Parents who have questions or need help should contact the school directly at 204-837-1361.

At least 123 properties have been marked as 'at risk' by the City of Winnipeg. Based on municipal`s list, each property is being notified directly. These properties may require dikes and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The City is continually reviewing its flood protection measures, including monitoring river levels and filling sandbags. Other Winnipeg properties may still be at risk for overland flooding and sewer clogging.