Impaired driver busted by Good Samaritan

Impaired driver busted by Good Samaritan

Impaired driving and speeding are major factors in road accidents, as well as distracted driving. All of these factors can lead to serious crashes with vehicles damaged and people getting injured or even killed.

An incident involving an impaired driver happened just a few hours ago at the intersection of Main Street x McDermot Avenue. An SUV with a clearly impaired person behind the wheel got in the middle of the Main St.

Because of the chaotic maneuvering, the vehicle got the attention of other drivers around, and one Good Samaritan decided to get involved and protect others.

A cab driver, that happened to be around at the moment walked to an SUV, got the keys out of the ignition and called local police.

As shown on the photo, the vehicle left stranded in the middle of the road, waiting for police to arrive. The driver is still behind a wheel, refused to leave a vehicle.

As of now, there is no information from Winnipeg Police about the driver's condition and what was the reason behind such reckless driving at a busy intersection.

Thankfully, no one got injured this time, but such behavior can be dangerous and harmful not only for the impaired driver and his vehicle but also, for totally innocent people around. Please stay focused and pay attention to the situation around you on the road.

Impaired driver busted by Good Samaritan , photo-1 Impaired driver busted by Good Samaritan , photo-2