Bring your own cup day at 7-Eleven

Bring your own cup day at 7-Eleven

What time is it? It`s Slurpee time! Every Winnipegger knows 7-Eleven, many people like the service and the convenient locations, but absolutely everyone loves the Bring your own cup day at 7-Eleven!

Yes, 7-Eleven’s legendary Bring Your Own Cup Day will return on May 17 and 18, 2019!

It means exactly what it says, you can and should bring your own container to any 7-Eleven in Canada and you can fill it up with Slurpee for only $2! Weird and wonderful containers are encouraged! In previous years, we saw teapots, rice cookers, fish bowls, plant pots and more!

Here are a few simple rules:

Slurpee Cup must fit inside the magic measuring hole/device displayed in a store.

The container used for this contest must fit within a 26 cm diameter’. Cups when full must fit within a specific size limit: 26cm wide x 26cm high.

The container must be able to withhold liquids.

Cups must be hygienic, clean, watertight (no drips or leaks allowed), and fixed in size and shapes (no inflatables).

One container per customer per day. No refills allowed.

The container must be food safe clean of any contaminants.

Individual Stores and its staff have the right to restrict containers should there be any deemed Food Safety issues or matters such as cleanliness, impacted health regulations, type of cup, or size of a cup.

Fellow Winnipeggers, everyone who loves Slurpee, do not miss out on a great opportunity with Bring your own cup day at 7-Eleven and, just so you know, the Slurpee delivery is available in Winnipeg, check it out, try for yourself.