Winnipeggers are not polite anymore?

Winnipeggers are not polite anymore?

I’m sure, everyone likes to drive to the parking lot and find the open spot to park close to the entrance. But the reality today is the parking space is hard to find near popular locations, like big stores and shopping malls, you either get lucky to catch one or, most likely, need to wait for one to open or cruise around to find it.

Costco stores are definitely a good example of a constantly busy parking lot, so people have to park just where they can and, sometimes, even just along the curb or in places not intended for vehicle parking.

Some people are getting not just upset about it, but really mad and even leave offensive notes on the windshield, if the vehicle is in the way or blocking their car.

But there is another kind of guys there, who actually carry premade notes with them and leave it at dozens of car`s windshields for…well, we don’t know what purpose.

At Costco Wholesale store on McGillivray Blvd, as usual, busy parking was overcrowded and many vehicles were parked at any available space. So one upset individual just started to walk around from car to car and leave some offensive notes under the wipers.

As you can see in the photo, the note clearly states his position about the way others parked and the man used abusive language towards such drivers.

So Winnipeggers are not polite anymore? In some cases, a car parked not where it suppose to may be blocking your way in or out the lot, but in this case, the guy had multiple premade notes with him and just left it on almost every car there. That is clearly overdoing it!

Fellow Winnipeggers, let’s be polite and patient with one another! Sure, people need to follow the parking rules and other regulations. But also, everyone should be nice and understand that in places like Costco, sometimes there is no other way to park to be able to just get some groceries and other things for your family.