Approximate costs of owning a dog

Approximate costs of owning a dog

Doggy daycares across Winnipeg are filling up fast, February and March is pretty much the peak season for daycare and boarding. But still, even after the winter is over, there are many pets waiting to be adopted and find a new home.

Fosters and supplies are always needed to help support the animals being taken care of by animal shelters. When you actually decide that you and your family members are ready to adopt a dog, make sure you consider the costs of responsible pet ownership before adopting a dog.

One year minimum, approximate cost for a mixed breed, medium-sized, spayed female:

1. Food and Treats

  • 8 13 oz cans of wet dog food per month $133
  • 1 18 kg bag dry dog food per month $288
  • 2 boxes of dog biscuits per month $156

2. Veterinary Care

  • Yearly exam/vaccinations $80
  • Yearly heartworm testing $45
  • Yearly heartworm prevention $40

3. Grooming

  • Spring bath and brush out $40
  • 6 nail clippings $120

4. Vacation

  • 2 weeks dog care $308

SUBTOTAL: $1,207

5. One-Time Costs

  • Spaying, tattoo $185
  • Food/water dishes $20
  • Collar, leash $40
  • Brush and comb $15
  • Toys, misc. $40
  • Kennel $160



Please be smart about such a big decision and when you are really ready, take a trip to one of your local animal shelters and ask about pet adoption. Giving hope and a new home to those cute little puppies and other pets really makes a difference and will bring joy in your house!