Za Pizza Bistro will open in Osborne Village

Za Pizza Bistro will open in Osborne Village

A new restaurant in town is always good! Especially if we are talking about the new pizza place, everyone loves pizza.

Osborne Village had a very successful Canada Day event. Moreover, since Assiniboine Park pretty much shut down at 7 PM on the big day, it left very few late night places to celebrate. The Forks did its job, of course, but Osborne felt like it was reaching a tipping point to being a busy, social and successful street once again.

So now the Za Pizza Bistro coming and hope it inspires a new and bright future for the local businesses and the community.

Recently, many U.S. restaurant chains invading Winnipeg, such as Famous Dave’s, Five Guys, IHOP, and Popeyes Chicken and more, so Winnipeg is getting a new restaurant almost every two weeks in 2019.

We are sure that every Winnipegger will come to visit a new pizza place!