Foor Fare Store threatened again with fines

Foor Fare Store threatened again with fines

The Manitoba law prohibits retail stores and businesses from opening to the public on defined holidays. However, there are exemptions that allow some businesses to open.

But the Food Fare Winnipeg stayed open on a holiday, again. Munther Zeid, the owner, and manager of the Winnipeg grocery store says it's not fair that his stores cannot stay open when marijuana stores and casinos were open, too.

Last year the same situation happened and now all five Winnipeg Food Fare locations were open for Canada Day.

Food Fare was previously warned for operating in violation of the law on Labour Day in 2018, was warned again ahead of Good Friday this year, and still was open on Canada Day.

It may result in not just a warning, but also in a hefty fine from Manitoba based on Manitoba’s Retail Businesses Holiday Closing Act.