Winnipeg Gliding Club 60 year anniversary

Winnipeg Gliding Club 60 year anniversary

The Winnipeg Gliding Club turns 60, the 60 years of a great adventure and happiness, thousands of amused customers and students.

The doors were open on July 14th to the public from 11 am 'til 2 pm and serving burgers chips and drinks for $5. Discovery Flights were available at special event pricing of $125 for a 2000 ft. tow.

Flights in the club’s brand new two-seater training gliders were also offered throughout the day. The main focus of the open house was to showcase how the club has evolved since its inception in 1959 and to recruit new members.

The Winnipeg Gliding Club exists to promote the sport of soaring and aviation in general. We can train you in the art and science of navigating and operating gliders. Are you up for the challenge!

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