Cheaper gas on Canada Day

Cheaper gas on Canada Day

The cost of filling up has already risen by as much as 20 cents per liter in Winnipeg. The new carbon tax on gasoline, diesel and heating fuels is now implemented in Manitoba since April 1st. The federal tax is $20 a tonne for this year and is set to increase by $10 annually until it reaches $50 a tonne in April 2022.

The prices in Winnipeg can vary about 10-30 cents depending on the area and the neighborhood.

But here is good news! Canadians are paying 10 cents less on gas this Canada Day. It is reported that average gas prices this long weekend will be less expensive than in 2018 - saving drivers as much as $10 per fill-up.

Tips for the best value and use of your fuel this weekend:

  • Shop around for lower prices and see where it is cheapest to fuel up.
  • Check your tire pressure, top up any fluids, change your oil and air filter. Have your air conditioning off or in recirculate mode to help with fuel economy.
  • Don’t let your car idle for long periods of time and keep the windows slightly down when possible to keep the inside of the car cooler.
  • Use a navigation app to avoid any congestion and perhaps route yourself around slowdowns.