Winnipeg Blue Bombers Home Opener

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Home Opener

Every game there are millions of fans watching our team perform on TV and support at a game in person, all hoping for a win and the first places for Winnipeg Jets.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers home opener will take place tonight at IG Field against the Edmonton Eskimos. The Bombers are off to a great start to the season. They won their season opener against the BC Lions 33-23.

Fellow Winnipeggers, everyone who loves and supports Blue Bombers, get your tickets early for the next game or for the whole season! If you are not going to visit the game, let`s plan a game night at home with friends and family! Our team needs support even off the stadium, the players know that millions of fans are watching the game and will show their best performance.

Let us all come together and show our support for our city team.