Winnipeg grandfather to receive Order of Manitoba

Winnipeg grandfather to receive Order of Manitoba

Biking is good for your physical health and mental state. Many Winnipeggers enjoy biking as family time, for sport and soul recreation, but some take it further, even set records!

Winnipegger Arvid Loewen has spent the past 15 years cycling across Canada (four times), the United States (twice) and beyond, all in support of a street children’s rescue mission in Africa.

A local grandfather and ultra-marathon cyclist will be receiving the Order of Manitoba on Thursday for his years of dedication to charity work.

Also, to remind you, May is Bike to School Month, an annual event that is coordinated every year by Green Action Center for schools all over Manitoba. Sean Carlson, the Program Co-ordination with The Active and Safe Routes to School Program at Green Action Center, explained why it can be so important to bike or walk to school and what Green Action Center is doing to raise awareness for that.

Green Action Center, has a program that helps to inspire kids to start biking or walking to school as well as teaches kids in the program the benefits of starting out the day with physical activity.