Here’s how to recognize the symptoms of burnout

Here’s how to recognize the symptoms of burnout

Mental health is very important, no doubt. Reports of mental health concerns are very high, with 65 percent of respondents in Canada reporting they had been diagnosed with a mental illness during their lifetime.

The World Health Organization now recognizes work “burnout” as an occupational phenomenon. The syndrome is included in the agency’s handbook of medical diagnoses, which guides health professionals around the world.

According to the WHO, doctors can issue a diagnosis of burnout if a patient exhibits three symptoms: feeling depleted of energy or exhausted; feeling mentally distanced from or cynical about one’s job; and problems getting one’s job done successfully.

Our mind needs rest, just as our body does!

Though the symptoms of burnout vary for different people, according to experts, the most common are:

Signs of physical exhaustion.

Signs of emotional exhaustion.

A drop in productivity.

Fellow Winnipeggers, please stay calm and pay attention to such symptoms. Better to visit a specialist and get the needed treatment in time!