Winnipeg changes tactics towards homeless camps

Winnipeg changes tactics towards homeless camps

Volunteers are really making a difference in helping those who are in need. We are talking homeless people, poor, sick, disabled, children without parents…, the list is endless, so each volunteer, each day and each hour they give and provide the service, really helps those people and the cities to stay cleaner and a better place to live in.

With a drastic increase of homeless people on the streets of Winnipeg, the city is changing its tactics on dealing with complaints about homeless camps.

Main Street Project will now be notified of reports of camps instead, changes Winnipeg mayor Brian Bowman said should help take low-priority calls off the already full plate of the Winnipeg Police Service.

People who see a camp or shelters pop up can contact 311, which will then send the calls to Main Street Project for the organization to check on the individuals and see if they need any food, water, or other resources.

Everyone has the opportunity to help your local community and the city. Winnipeggers can volunteer and help with resources like food, water, and closing for the homeless to make Winnipeg a cleaner and safer city for your children to grow and live in.