Bus shelter at Portage Place Mall completely removed

Bus shelter at Portage Place Mall completely removed

Drugs and crime are on the rise in Canada few last years in a row, and in Winnipeg in particular.

Downtown is the area for most drug deals and distributors, often they use bus shelter as the location of the business. The notorious bus shelter at Portage Place Shopping Centre has been demolished after being a magnet for a crime for years, especially for methamphetamine dealers.

Winnipeg city authorities started a full-scale investigation on the city`s meth problem. More manpower and resources are dedicated to the matter than in any of the previous year and the new special units and target groups created to fight methamphetamine production and distribution in Winnipeg.

The heated bus shelter at Portage Place Mall was taken down Monday evening.

As per Winnipeg Police, there is a spike in meth-related crime incidents, like property theft, residential break-ins, unreasonable anger towards each other (methamphetamine users) and other people around them, violent attacks (some took place inside bus shelter), some ending up in lethal outcomes for victims.