Winnipeg ambulance arrives in less than 5 minutes

Winnipeg ambulance arrives in less than 5 minutes

Nobody likes to wait, in the line of a grocery store or just your local Tim Hortons, but waiting for a doctor or an ambulance to provide, sometimes life-saving, service that is totally unacceptable!

Gladly it is not the case with Winnipeg Ambulance services.

July 29th, during the day, just on the street, at the intersection, an elderly woman felt bad and needed some immediate assistance.

Caring bystanders called the emergency services and the ambulance arrived in less than five minutes!

According to witnesses at the scene, the approximately 70-year-old woman was treated by ambulance workers, they provided the first aid and took a woman to a nearby hospital.

Thanks to people, who really care about one another and willing to spend a minute of their time to help a stranger in need, the emergency services were called and arrived on scene fast!

Please check the article below about the wait time in Winnipeg emergency rooms is longer due to the meth crisis.