A man gone missing in Winnipeg

A man gone missing in Winnipeg

Missing person cases involve people of any age who are lost or abducted, have run away or have mental health issues, among other things.

Winnipeg police are now requesting help in locating Wesley, who was last seen in the Point Douglas area of Winnipeg on July 29, 2019.

The man is described as Indigenous in appearance, around 5'6" tall with a skinny build, with short brown hair and a goatee. He was last seen wearing a black tank top that has red trim, black shorts, and carrying a green backpack. He also has a spider tattoo on one of his forearms.

A 40-year-old man, James Wesley still missing and the search continues.

As per Winnipeg Police, any tip or any information can be very important and could possibly lead officers to the missing person.

Winnipeg police non-emergency line: 204-986-6222.

Manitoba RCMP divisional headquarters: 204-983-5420.