Winnipegger to share lottery prize with his son

Winnipegger to share lottery prize with his son

Everyone dreams of hitting a lottery jackpot, but not everyone even tries and buys lottery tickets. Life is full of surprises, not always good ones, but sometimes it's just your lucky day!

A Winnipeg father and son, both named David Hunter, will share in a $2 million dollar lottery prize after the elder man descried to make good on a vow.

The winning ticket was a free play redeemed at a lottery kiosk inside a Real Canadian Superstore on Portage Avenue, the same location where David Sr. learned he had won.

Both men say they plan to use their prize to benefit their family, with the elder man mentioning saving and investment and the younger his children’s educations.

So now we have more millionaires in our city!

In 2018, 16 Manitobans won prizes of $1 million or more. Twelve of those winners were in Winnipeg. Fellow Winnipeggers let us hope the luck will find every one of us!