Winnipeg City is using "intimidation tactics"

Winnipeg City is using "intimidation tactics"

Public transportation is a very important part of city infrastructure modernization and development.

But at some point, the negotiation between the Winnipeg Transit and city authorities didn’t work. The city is backing out of contract negotiations with Winnipeg bus drivers, warning a strike is likely. The previous agreement expired on Jan. 12. The union represents more than 1,400 transit operators and maintenance workers at Winnipeg Transit.

The City has taken measures to not allow bus operators to request a trade or vacation switches for the remainder of the year. The City says they hope these amendments will bring the end of negotiations.

The ATU strongly condemns the latest intimidation tactic by the City of Winnipeg. Earlier today, the City served notice that they intend to eliminate several sections of the ATU collective agreement, including the deletion of seniority for operators and maintenance workers signing up for work.

Union members have been asking for better working conditions and a different scheduling system, with the City also bringing up the issue of raising wages. The City of Winnipeg has said they appear to be at an impasse.