Southbound Empress is closing for construction

Southbound Empress is closing for construction

Winnipeg authorities published a list of streets and roads that will be repaired this year. At least 56 streets and 11 back alleys likely won’t be fixed in Winnipeg this year, thanks to funding spat between the City and the Province. The city administrators told the infrastructure committee Thursday morning that 34 local roads will be repaired in 2019.

Starting this Sunday, southbound Empress Street is closing for months-long construction. From August 18 until November 25 southbound Empress Street will be completely closed to vehicular traffic for roadway construction and maintenance work.

The City of Winnipeg advises motorists to use an alternate route and to plan for additional travel time to reach their destinations.

A City of Winnipeg working group has released its final list of recommendations for road construction. The final report suggests the city use more pre-qualified contractors and master service agreements, implement a multi-year construction program and extend working hours, including planning for more 24-7 construction.

The group had four meetings over the summer leading up to the creation of the eight-page report and intends to reconvene to review progress and evaluate road construction improvements.

For a complete list of projects for the city`s road construction, please visit the link: