Environment Canada warns Manitoba residents about abnormally hot weather

Environment Canada warns Manitoba residents about abnormally hot weather

A special weather statement was issued by Environment Canada on Wednesday. It contains information about air pollution due to the abnormally hot weather in the province. Residents of the southern part of Manitoba are at the maximum risk.

Many fires caused by high temperatures led to the appearance of smoke over many cities. The statement informs that the situation will change for the better in a day or two.

Some people can experience such health problems as headaches, cough, irritation in the throat and allergic reactions. People with any kind of heart disease or respiratory problems should avoid prolonged staying outdoors. Such weather conditions are more dangerous for their health than for other people’s health.

Environment Canada also recommends people to go inside the buildings, and not to go outside until it gets better if they have any of the listed symptoms.

This statement was issued because the situation becomes worse and the temperature can reach its maximum on Friday and Saturday (August 10 and 11). Last time such high temperature was observed about 90 years ago in Manitoba.

In the statement, special attention is paid to the elderly people, babies and pets. So, people should take care of these categories and save them from the unbearable heat.

Manitoba government also asks people to call to their relatives, neighbours and friends and to find out whether everything is good and whether they have enough water.

According to official data, next week the temperature will become normal again.

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