Two children survived Alonsa tornado and successfully debuted at the Folklorama festival

Two children survived Alonsa tornado and successfully debuted at the Folklorama festival

Folklorama continues, two boys shared their story and told that they danced at the festival despite all the fear after the tornado.

Forty people were trying to survive and were hiding in a basement near Margaret Bruce Beach at the moment when the twister was making its way to Lake Manitoba. Two Metis children (Hayley, 12 and Hunter, 10) were also among them.

As it became known, both children felt good and performed their dance at the Métis Pavilion. Hayley told that he did not think about that act of god and just danced.

The boy also confessed that at the time of the tornado he was very scared. He saw how the trees and the fragments of houses were flying in the air. The sound was impossibly loud and frightening.

Both boys were under the bed in case if some trees fell down on their house, or the twister destroyed the roof.

Hayley and Hunter learned to jig when they were three and they danced at Folklorama festival for the first time this year. The children appeared before the eyes of a large number of people and were very excited, but both boys believe that their performance was successful and they will definitely try next year.

Folklorama festival continues and will close its doors only on August 19. So, all people who want to see the remaining performances can buy tickets online. However, the Métis Pavilion will be closed on Saturday (August, 11).

We want to recall, that on August 3, a devastating tornado was twisting near Winnipeg. It caused a lot of losses to local residents and even led to the death of one person.

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