Folklorama: Don’t you have any printer at home? Do not come to the festival!

Folklorama: Don’t you have any printer at home? Do not come to the festival!

The residents of Winnipeg faced problems with festival innovations.

Last year we managed to see 9 pavilions with pleasure. Some of them were great, some were not very good, but that's not the point. At the entrance to the pavilion, we purchased a family entrance ticket for 12 visits for $54. As we saw, it was special "Vickar Automotive Group Multi-pack". It was great to skate and choose pavilions for the evening. Concerts, turn, yummy, concert. Everything was fun and interesting.

This year there is a queue, but there are no tickets. Let's try to figure out what happened. This is commonplace greed.

So, to buy a family entrance ticket "Vickar Automotive Group Multi-pack" for 12 shows you need:

In 2017 - to come to any pavilion and to give $54


1. To pay $54 for tickets

2. To pay $12 for data processing (+ 22%)

3. To know exactly where and when you will go - what pavilion and what time

4. If you are late - the money is burned. You can not change the date, time or place of tickets.

5. If you met friends on the road and wanted to take them to the festival - it's not a fact that it will turn out.

6. To have a printer to print tickets.

7. If you do not have a printer, you need a smartphone with a PDF reader and the ability to upload a ticket to your smartphone.

The innovations are not so cool as it seems from the first sight! It is like buying an air ticket - date, time, place do not change, pay more, print it yourself. Traffic jams, change of plans and any other things are not interesting to the organizers.

It is a pity that the residents and guests of the city suffered from innovations. It is not understood why a tourist should run around the city and look for a printer.

At the official request, the representative of Folklorama Christa Mariash replied that they had increased support for those who have problems with the site (apparently, there are a lot of such people).

It is a big question whether it is profitable for the residents of the city or not.  However, Show must go on ... The second week of Folklorama promises to be no less interesting!  

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