Winnipeg citizen is killed in a car crash

Winnipeg citizen is killed in a car crash

A chain-reaction crash happened on Friday. One man is dead.

A 28-year-old citizen of Winnipeg was killed in that terrible crash that happened near Mitchell, Manitoba.

A truck with gravel was going to turn to the south, but it suddenly stopped. A van with a 19-year-old Ile-des-Chenes man behind the wheel drove into that truck with gravel. Then the van appeared on the oncoming lane and collidedhead-on with a car driving there.

Two people who were in the car were seriously injured and taken to the hospital. The man died after a while. The woman remained alive, despite the injuries she had got.

A 19-year-old Ile-des-Chenes man also got some injuries and was taken to the hospital. However, his condition was not critical and it did not threaten his life.

As it became knows later, the driver of the van was not drunk. So, alcohol was not the cause of the crash.

Cst. Randy Belmore of the Steinbach RCMP made a statement and asked all drivers to remember that there are other vehicles on the road, and any car can stop due to a lot of causes at any moment. All drivers should not forget to be at a safe distance from the other cars.

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