A man on meth that was screaming on the street was arrested

A man on meth that was screaming on the street was arrested

On Friday morning (August, 10) at about 7 a.m. Winnipeg Police received a call from local citizens. They informed that there was a man with a machete in his both hands on the street. The incident happened near McPhillips Street.

It was a 34-year-old Winnipeg man. The Police were sure that the man was on meth. He also had a makeshift shield against using of tasers.

Const. Jay Murray told that the Police often use a taser when the situation becomes critical, it is a very effective tool. However, that time they just could not try it as the man was prepared for it.

When the first officers arrived, a Canadian started screaming and asking them to shoot him.

Some people were watching the situation from their houses. The Police were thankful that no man decided to become a hero and to come to help because it was really dangerous. A person does not control himself under the influence of drugs and can attack somebody at any moment.

In the end, the Police managed to arrest a man without the use of weapons.

Jay Murray also said that they do not like to show all their methods of detaining criminals to civilians. It is very likely that the police knew the man and that he was taking meth.

Interaction with people who take meth has changed the work of the Police and their methods of influencing these people.

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