10th annual No Stone Unturned took place on Saturday

10th annual No Stone Unturned took place on Saturday

No Stone Unturned is held every year for 10 years to honor the memory of the missing and killed Indigenous women.

Many people gathered on Saturday in St. John's Park to communicate, eat food and listen to music. Members of families who survived the grief also attended the concert. The concert should show the families of the victims that they are not alone and can ask for the necessary help and support.

Bernadette Smith, the organizer of the concert, said that he wants to counter the violence that happens to women. This problem is very relevant for Smith because his family encountered such a grief - his sister was missing about 10 years ago.

The problem also lies in the fact that people hear that some woman is missing from the news for 1-2 days, and then this event is forgotten. The most important thing is to make sure that people are sufficiently informed about what is really happening. People need to know that very many missing people have not been found and if someone has any information he should share it to help the Police find those men and women.

The first concert took place in 2008 and it was organized to help find Smith's sister. At that time about 100 people came to the event. However, this year more than 1000 people show their indifference to this issue.

People often feel lonely if such a terrible situation has affected their family. So, it is very important to unite and to try to change life for the better and to improve the security of the inhabitants of Manitoba province and especially women belonging to the Indigenous population.

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