Indigenous women continue to be sexually abused by Hydro workers

Indigenous women continue to be sexually abused by Hydro workers

Indigenous leader calls for more control over all people coming to their communities.

Sheila North, the First Nations leader, informed that she continues to learn that women complain of sexual harassment from men working in Manitoba Hydro.

Last week a report on this issue was published by the Clean Environment Commission. However, the leader of the first nations noted that sexual harassment, racism and all sorts of abuses that lasted for decades are still occurring with Indigenous women.

The former Grand Chief of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak, North, also commented on the problem and said that unbecoming behavior from men regarding women of the Indigenous population should stop, and all who are to blame must be fully responsible for the crimes committed.

North added that people must learn about all the crimes, and they should no longer remain in the dark. North believes that the recent incident when a 32-year-old woman was sexually abused is also related to workers from Manitoba Hydro.

CBC News has already asked to provide information on this incident to see if Hydra workers are included in the list of suspects. However, the Police still keep everything a secret.

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The former Grand Chief of Manitoba stated that they need to know more information about all the workers that come to their communities every day because such crimes have been committed since 1960es.

The management of Manitoba Hydro will be involved in the solution of the problem, and there will be negotiations to allow the leaders of the Indigenous population to join the company's management. This will help prevent similar situations in the future.

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