At the Toronto Film Festival, a film in which Trump is compared to Hitler was shown

At the International Film Festival in Toronto, the premiere of the movie Fahrenheit 11/9 took place, the most striking impression of which was the comparison of Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler.

The creator of this documentary is the famous American director Michael Moore. It is worth noting that the film received a scandalous status before its release. In this film, Moore draws parallels between the won elections of Trump and the rising to power of Hitler in the 30s in Germany. The director finds common features in the forces that led to these events.

The White House did not give any official comments about the release of Fahrenheit 11/9.

Director Michael Moore is the owner of the 2003 Oscar for his documentary Bowling for Columbine. However, he is not only a talented director but also an ardent opponent of the coming to power of Donald Trump and his nowadays policy.

The name of the movie Fahrenheit 11/9 is associated with the date of November 9, 2016, when it was announced that Trump won the election of the President of America. In the film, Moore puts Trump's speeches on video from Hitler's rallies to show their similarity in communicating with the audience and slogans. Michael believes that all the liberal population of America is now in a state of war in order to return their country back. This was confirmed by one of the liberal activists in an interview before the film was shown.

Michael Moore in his film lays the blame for Trump's victory on the US media, which pays much attention to Trump's TV ratings, as well as on the interests of certain groups that, for their own purposes, paved the way to victory for him. The widely held opinion that the victory is already in the hands of Hillary Clinton has also played a very strong negative role.

Fahrenheit 11/9 is not the first public attempt by Michael Moore to raise society into the fight against the Trump regime. Last year everybody could see the show of Moore on Broadway, in which he used a satire against Trump and tried to call the liberals to more active acts.

The film also touched the topic of a mass shooting in American schools. Several school activists from Florida went to the stage with Moore after the film in support of the tightening of US gun laws.

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Donald Trump Adolf Hitler International Film Festival in Toronto
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