Macbook caught on fire in the middle of the night

Macbook caught on fire in the middle of the night

Would you be scared if your laptop suddenly starts to blow off smoke and fire right in the middle of watching a movie or your favorite show? One thing when the laptop is on, but completely another case if you already turned it off, went to bed and left it unsupervised!

Winnipeg MacBook owner is shocked as his laptop got on fire for no obvious reasons, not even being plugged in to charge it.

The owner of MacBook Rory Mitchell watched a Netflix show with his girlfriend last Sunday night, when it was over he just shut down the laptop and put it on his bedside table as always, turned the lights off and went to bed. A few hours later, when the couple was sleeping, MacBook just got on fire, throwing four-foot flames up in the air inside the house, Rory`s girlfriend woke him up shocked and scared. Rory said, he jumped up and went for the kitchen, as he remembered he got a couple of fire extinguishers, sprayed the laptop and the table it was on to stop the fire from spreading and damaging other furniture and personal belongings.

The whole situation was scary and, after being deep asleep, he didn’t realize what is happening for a few minutes, but thankfully he was fast in his reaction and had the fire extinguishers handy. The only damage was done to a laptop itself and the bedside table it was on. Still, the owner is now looking for answers to what really happened, what caused a laptop to catch on fire and is it even safe to buy a new one and keep it in the house? What could happen if he or his girlfriend didn’t wake up or were not at home when something like that occurs? Mitchell discussed the incident with some of his friends, firefighters, who told him, he was really lucky to be there and actually have extinguisher ready to use, so he prevented the bigger damage.

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