Man stabbed a dog in the face

Man stabbed a dog in the face

Animal abuse is always a tragedy, some owners hurt their pets showing sadistic behavior is a complex mental issue, which might turn into a violent outburst towards other people in the future.

But what happened last week Lord Selkirk Park area is just weird and criminal. On August 31st a group of teenagers was walking and having fun around Stella Avenue, approximately 9 p.m. they saw a man putting on a mask to cover his face and attacked a dog in a yard using a knife. The Bullmastiff got some heavy injuries mostly to the face.

Winnipeg Police are now looking for a suspect, who was identified as Alex Arumeul Genaille. A 20-year-old citizen of Winnipeg has an arrest warrant issued, but haven’t been located yet. Alex is facing multiple charges of hurting an animal and possession of a weapon and other.

Police are asking for public assistance and help to locate the suspect, if you have any useful information, please contact the local police department or visit Crime Stoppers online.

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