City Asset Management Plan

City Asset Management Plan

In January of 2015 City Council approved the City`s Asset Management Policy, making the asset management one of the main business function of the city`s authorities. Such a program or a plan is designed to work on overseeing and increasing Winnipeg assets as a business strategy.

So far the three categories were determent and evaluated:

1. Tax-supported and Transit infrastructure.

2. Water and Waste Utilities.

3. City`s Overall Condition Grade.

As seen on the picture, the first category shows a C+, Water and Waste Utilities is a B, mainly due to the fact that Water and Waste utilities have dedicated funding and have strong requirements that are controlled thoroughly. The last one, but probably the most important is Winnipeg overall condition grade as a city, showing a B-, the city`s current asset inventory has a replacement value of an impressive $35 billion.

So Winnipeg authorities not only have a plan but actually working on improving the city and growing its assets by well coordinated and thought out actions.

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