The case about sextortion case using Tinder will be again in court

The case about sextortion case using Tinder will be again in court

A Manitoba man is accused of violating the law and sextortion case using Tinder.

Something that originally began as an acquaintance and a date with the help of Tinder, legal proceedings against a 25-year-old resident of Manitoba- when a woman refused to have sex with a man, he began to threaten her with the distribution of her pictures of an intimate nature.

The man was charged with extortion, voyeurism and indecent phone call in the spring. A 22-year-old woman reported that the guy had sent her many menacing texts.

In the spring of this year, the woman called the Police and reported what was happening. At that time, none of the charges was officially confirmed and the defendant's lawyer did not comment on what was happening.

Unfortunately, it takes time for the authorities to realize that sexual violence online can be equated with sexual violence in real life because in both cases a woman gets a series of psychological trauma, which is fraught with absolutely different consequences.

As it became known, the girl met a guy using such a popular dating app, as Tinder. They went on dates for 10-15 days. The girl sent two of her photos to the guy, but during one of the dates, the man violently tore off the girl's clothes and made a photo of an intimate character.

The woman also reported that the guy could secretly make a video during their meeting.

After the request of the woman to give her all the files, the man said that he will not do it and that he has friends in the police who will help him and will not listen to those stories that she can tell.

In 2017 this man had already been charged by another woman, and the court ordered him not to approach the woman closer than 100 meters. The term of this decree will end in 2020.

In 2015, Canadian legislation was amended to protect residents from online crime. The police said that only a small number of women inform the police after any online crimes committed in their direction. However, they hope that after #MeToo movement known to the whole world the situation will change for the better.

The Tinder administration said that they are doing their best to prevent such situations and they ask all users to immediately report about any violations.

On September 21 the case will again be resolved in court.

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