Mayor candidates got together to discuss important issues

Mayor candidates got together to discuss important issues

Candidates for the position of mayor of Winnipeg met to discuss various important issues, including those relating to the environmental problems of the city.

The candidates discussed the reduction of emissions, as well as told about their programs and thoughts about the future in the city. Among the top priorities of all people was discussing their vision for upgrading the water treatment plant and investing funds in the city's transportation system.

As it became known, Jenny Motkaluk is the most important competitor of the incumbent mayor of Winnipeg Brian Bowman. The woman said that in her opinion it is very important to move towards large traffic changes in the city, for example, to increase the number of electric public transport.

If a woman is elected to the post, she will also add new bus routes to the city. In addition, the woman is going to pay great attention to the purification of rivers, and increase the quality of water in them.

Don Woodstock, another candidate, is known for his contribution to Garbage Day. He was the person who insisted on using reusable bags and on changing the title of the day for Recycling Day. He, together with Umar Hayat, also said that they will try to reduce prices for the use of public transport in the city.

All candidates voted to prohibit the use of plastic bags and for increasing the number of bike paths in the city.

The next meeting is scheduled for September 25. They will discuss the changes that need to be made in the center of Winnipeg.

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