Scientists are worried: some bugs are dying out

Scientists are worried: some bugs are dying out

The situation develops in such a way that harmful insects multiply, and useful bugs die out.

So, pesky mosquitoes, disease-carrying ticks, crop-munching aphids and cockroaches become more and more from year to year. However, native bees, moths, butterflies, ladybugs, lovebugs, mayflies and fireflies become fewer and fewer.

Scientists are concerned, it seems to them that something strange is happening. However, unfortunately, they do not have exact data on previous years. Thus, it is only their guesses.

Scientists are also confident that a similar situation develops around the world, and this can lead to irreversible consequences because these insects affect over 70% of fruits and vegetables which a person consumes.

A biologist from Harvard conducted a study and decided to check how many and what insects would fly into his windshield while driving. As it turned out, there was only a single moth.

His idea was picked up by scientists from other universities and they conducted similar studies. The results: a few bugs, and a single moth. Such studies are not official proof, since they do not have data from previous years, but they show that the situation is not the best.

According to official data, the amount of ladybug was reduced by 14% during the last 20 years. Ecologists from many countries connected to the research and also reported their observations, the opinions of all coincided: bugs are dying out.

The humanity has been going on for years to this situation, using more and more stronger insecticide, single-crop agriculture, killing of native weeds, invasive species, light pollution, highway traffic and, of course, global warming.

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