Causes of death of birds are still unknown

Causes of death of birds are still unknown

Ecologists and researchers of the city can not name the causes that led to the death of birds in summer.

This summer, a lot of dead birds were seen in the pond located at the corner at Keewatin Street and Adsum Drive.

City residents continue to wonder what happened, and that caused the death of so many birds. Water samples were taken by scientists and sent to a laboratory for research. The main researcher of the laboratory said that the algae in the pond could be the cause of the incident because they contain certain toxins.

However, further studies showed that the level of toxins in those algae is so low that it could hardly have caused such a large number of deaths.

The researcher said that measures will be taken to improve the quality of water and the residents of the city will be informed that they need to reduce the consumption of large amounts of fertilizers for their lawns, which eventually can get into the pond.

Fertilizers, getting into the water, can increase the growth of algae, which in turn can lead to a breakdown in the composition of water and lead to various environmental disasters.

At the moment there are no official comments on the death of the birds in the pond.

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