More and more Canadians have health problems because of unhealthy eating

More and more Canadians have health problems because of unhealthy eating

Can Canadians improve their health? Of course, they can but only if they have enough money.

Shully Sappire shows on her own example what it means to work two jobs and to have health problems. She is dong social work from 9 to 5 every day, and she also work as a bartender.

Her goal is to get social benefits, but she has not reached it yet.

So, Shully Sappire has health problems. She often has migraines and dizziness and other chronic problems. In order to make a living, a girl can not afford to take a day off when she does not feel well, because she needs to pay the bills. Every time when she has to take a day off, she is very worried that she will have to take one or two more days off later. All these stressful situations can adversely affect the girl's health.

Unfortunately, according to statistics, Canadians have two times higher excess weight indicators now if to compare to indicators about 30 or 40 years ago. This is despite the fact that now people are much more aware of how to eat healthy and can learn all the information about a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to obesity, Canadians have big problems with high blood pressure and diabetes. For most residents of the country, health problems are directly related to their financial condition. People spend a lot of time working and forget about their health and do not have time and money to deal with it.

More than 60% of the interviewed people stated that they directly link work and stressful situations to their health. People worry if they can get enough money to pay bills and to feed themselves and their family. The stress that Canadians experience can negatively affect their health.

The problem is quite large, because more than 4 million Canadians do not have the opportunity to eat healthy, they do not live in families that are provided with sufficient food. In the end, people put emphasis on the amount of food eaten, and not on quality, and that lead to health problems.

Shully Sappire also admitted that she chooses foods not on the basis of their nutrition value, but based on her budget. It is possible to meet frozen semi-finished foods more often than fresh vegetables and fruits in her diet. This is so because frozen foods can be cooked at any time, and vegetables and fruits can quickly deteriorate.

Recent studies have shown that the following cases can be associated with overload, stressful situations and lack of healthy eating:

Stomach or intestinal ulcers

Mood/anxiety disorders



Heart disease


Bowel disorders

Back problems



A greater risk of:

Suicidal thoughts

Depressive thoughts

A major depressive episode

A mood disorder diagnosis

An anxiety disorder diagnosis.

For children stress at home and unhealthy eating can lead to:



Suicidal ideation.

The Canadian Institution for Health Information has been studying this problem for several years and comparing health problems that people from families with different income levels have. The work is still going on, and the organization is trying to find a solution for low-income families.

Global News conducted a survey and almost 50% of the adult population of Canada reported that in their lives there are times when they have to choose between healthy eating, paying bills or buying medicines. First, people pay their bills, and only then they buy foods according to the amount of money they have.

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