Filmed in Manitoba: Keanu Reeves and the Russian Mafia

Filmed in Manitoba: Keanu Reeves and the Russian Mafia

A criminal thriller Siberia is out. All residents of Manitoba can watch a movie that was filmed in the province.

Keanu Reeves starred as the main character. He walks through Siberia in an autumn coat, hunts a bear and communicates with the Russian mafia.

The action takes place in St. Petersburg and the diamond capital of Russia - Mirnyy. The film is called Siberia, but the species of snow-covered Yakutia with birches were shot in Canada.

Keanu Reeves plays a diamond specialist Lucas Hill. The whole film the main character is looking for Peter. Because of the unlucky Peter, the hero needs to return blue diamonds to the Russian mafia, so he goes to Mirnyy.

However, despite the fact that Lucas only has two days of delay, he does not hurry to search, but freely spends his time in his adventure: he goes hunting, drinks vodka, sings folk songs, and has a romantic relationship with a woman from Siberia Katya.

If at the beginning of the film Keanu Reeves is just a strange sad American man who is wearing a light coat in cold Siberia, after such turn of events Lucas becomes a 51-year-old foreigner who is cheating on his wife with a young Russian woman.

In addition to performing the main role, Keanu Reeves is also the producer of the film.

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