Child Advocate tells the truth about Child Welfare System

Child Advocate tells the truth about Child Welfare System

Cora Morgan, A Manitoba First Nations children’s advocate, informed that in her opinion Child Welfare System works against Indigenous children in Manitoba.

An investigation concerning relationships of Child Welfare System and children from the communities is ongoing. Cora Morgan said that the purpose of the system is to detain children, and not to help their families in difficult times.

Families in communities can have certain problems, and it is not very surprising. However, instead of helping to overcome these difficulties, Child Welfare System uses them against families.

Hearings on this issue are taking place this week, and the main goal is to protect children. Cora said the system works against indigenous children and forces them to lose the value of life.

Morgan cited the example of one family with 4 children, but the systems took them all away because of the poverty of the family. In her opinion, the province spends too much money to take the children away from their families but does not make efforts to help them.

During the hearing, the advocate prepared a list of tips that could change the situation for the better. She hopes that the government will pay attention and help children in the future.

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