Mayoral candidates told some details of their future plans for the city

Mayoral candidates told some details of their future plans for the city

Tim Diack informed that if he becomes the next mayor of Winnipeg, one of the first things he is going to do will be changes in the law. He wants to make criminals pay additional bills if Police spend money to investigate their cases.

In his opinion, if the residents of the city who call the ambulance pay for the medical transport, it is quite reasonable to make additional payments in all situations when the police are involved.

The police spend a lot of time searching for criminals and investigating their cases. In addition, they may spend extra time on lawbreakers in expensive cars in city streets. Besides that, the candidate reported that he is going to buy additional mobile phones for all police officers and improve the video surveillance systems and computers in police stations.

The candidate will insist that all changes should be formalized at the legislative level.

Doug Wilson was present at Diack’s announcement, and he informed that he wants to have a dinner with Tim Diack to discuss some issues.

Another candidate, Venkat Machiraju, also made a statement about his future plans. He said that he is going to reduce taxes for real estate in Winnipeg. However, these changes may cost about $30 million per year to the city in the future.

Jenny Motkaluk caused everyone's surprise when she showed her honorary campaign chair. A 15-year-old high school student became this person. The boy said why he was impressed by the position of the future mayor. It's all about her plans for cabs. The candidate is going to make certain changes for the city’s taxis, but she has not revealed all the plans yet.

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