Guido Amsel to be sentenced in November

Guido Amsel to be sentenced in November

A man was sending letters with bombs inside, targeting his ex-wife and others. The case brought a worldwide attention to the bomber, showing a potential risk to anybody and any organization with a simple letter.

Back in May of this year, Guido Amsel appeared in front of the judge and was found guilty in multiple charges. Bombs were sent in the mail in 2013 with a plan to kill his ex-wife and another deadly letter in 2015. After the hearing Amsel fired his lawyers, that delayed the process, he is scheduled to appear in court for sentencing on November 22nd.

Last Wednesday, September 26th, the prosecution axed for Amsel a life sentence with no parole for 10 years. Also one of the victims appeared in court, she was a target in 2015. Maria Mitousis was the victim and had lost her right hand when the bomb exploded. The letter was addressed to her with the intent to kill Mitousis. Now she is struggling to go back to a normal life, as much as it is possible after losing your right hand. She is a lawyer herself and now is back to work full time.

The case is taking a long time due to the fact that Guido Amsel refused to cooperate with the investigation. He did not provide a statement of what the reasons were for targeting his ex-wife and if anybody helped or in some way assisted him in his crime.

For now, the court is finishing the paperwork and the judge will present the sentencing verdict at the end of November.

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