Manitoba does not want to impose carbon taxes

Manitoba does not want to impose carbon taxes

On Wednesday Brian Pallister did a survey about carbon taxes.

He reported that he plans to abandon charging a levy, which was supposed to begin in December.

Earlier, the prime minister said that $25 should be paid for every ton of carbon. However, this tax increase would increase the cost of gasoline and electricity.

The federal government announced the provinces should adopt a law that would provide paying carbon taxes in the following way: $10 this year and to increase up to $50 in 2022. Brian Pallister noted that his way would help save the environment in the province and in the country.

Manitoba Premier also said that the province has two options: either try to confront the federal government in a year, when there will be changes in the payment of taxes, or now when nothing has been decided yet. The adoption of a new tax may make it difficult to attract business capital to the province.

Pallister said that he had been trying to negotiate with the government for a long time, but now it was time to fight. Manitoba government supports the province’s green plan, but openly opposes the carbon tax.

He also said that Manitoba needs to pay attention to how other provinces take legal action against this federal plan. Pallister meant Saskatchewan and Ontario that have already opposed the federal initiative.

However, Trudeau stated that in case if the provinces decide not to impose a tax, Ottawa will do it instead of them and will spend the money collected on the needs of Canadians.

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