Portage Parkade is flooded

Portage Parkade is flooded

When you park your car in the garage or a parkade you expect it to be safe and protected for the sun and raid, but people who parked at Portage Parkade on Tuesday were really surprised when finding their vehicles in the water.

October 2nd approximately 11 a.m the flood started and the water level was going up every hour and rose as high as knee-deep on the Level P1. The Level P2 also got also affected. People, who rent parking spots monthly were called on their cell phones or emailed to come over and get their cars moved to avoid serious water damage.

As you can see in the photos, many cars are in the water to a level, that is can get inside the cabin and damage the carpet and other parts of the interior.

Later the information surfaced that a contractor was working in the area and a private water service was damaged, that resulted in a discolored water flood. In addition, the residential building at 400 Webb Pl. was cut off the water, which resulted in a big “inconvenience”, if it can be called that way, for people residing there.

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